Wildfires in Maui

wild fire damage in hawaii

Our hearts go out to those who lost their lives in the devastating fire on Maui early last week.  We grieve for those who lost loved ones, pets, livelihoods and homes.

Lahaina is steeped in rich Hawaiian history.  It became the first capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1802, and remained so for 50 years.  In the 1820s, Lahaina became an important whaling and fishing port, which changed the face of the quiet village on Maui’s west shore.  Gone now are so many historic buildings that sprouted up during the 1800s, including the old Waiola Church (1832), the Baldwin Home (1834), and the old courthouse (1853).

ted and hailey

I remember visiting Lahaina once in 2009.  We went with friends to celebrate Father’s Day, staying just south of town at the Puamana resort.  I understand that at least half of that beautiful neighborhood was lost to the fire.  I remember surfing right out in front of the condo we had rented, and riding cruiser bikes into Lahaina for dinner.  A very idyllic lifestyle for sure…

The team at Last Wave offers our solace to those affected by this tragedy, and hope that Lahaina can be restored to its former grace.  From August 18th to 22nd, we will donate a portion of every order we receive to the Maui Strong Fund.  It is a small way of giving back to the surf community, of which Hawaii is such an important part.  We appreciate your support...we are all one family!

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