About Us

Growing up in San Luis Obispo, CA, I started surfing during the summer of 1966 when I was barely 13. My brother and I bought our first surfboard for $35, and for the next seven years, we lived for surfing. We went to the beach every day our parents allowed.  When they made us stay home, we rode our clay-wheeled skateboards and experimented with our own surfboard designs. We saw every surf movie that came to town and read every word of every Surfer Magazine we could get our hands on.  I dropped out of the surf scene from 1973 until 1985 to go to college, become a Lake Tahoe ski bum, and then work a real job in Sacramento, CA. But I missed the beach, so I shed my three-piece suit and moved back to San Luis Obispo. I’ve been surfing ever since.

The Last Wave Originals online surf shop launched in 2003. I often found my thoughts drifting back to carefree summer days surfing in the '60s. I remember how important my Birdwell Beach Britches were to me, as well as the two or three surf t-shirts I owned.  I wore those shirts constantly, mostly because I wanted to make sure everyone knew I was a surfer. 

I also remember hanging around a local surf shop when I wasn't at the beach. The shop had such a cool vibe...it looked, sounded, even smelled like a surf shop.  Now, some 50 years later, Last Wave takes you back to those fond memories with a collection of classic surf t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and accessories that bear the names of those who helped shape the surfing way of life.  We hope your experience at Last Wave reminds you of lazy, warm days at the beach and that our shop feels like the one you used to hang out at - full of classic logo surf t shirts with names like Bing, Con, Gordon and Smith, Hobie, Velzy, Dewey Weber and many more.  Look through our Legends section, where you can read about these colorful characters. I consider myself fortunate to have met many of them, and am honored that they welcomed me into their back yards and shaping rooms.

Please feel free to contact us with suggestions about new products, tips that may lead us to another old surfboard label, or some interesting bit of surfing history.  Share the waves, respect the ocean and enjoy the surfing lifestyle!

Ted Rich


 June 1966 - My brother (r) and me with our first surfboard