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Addiction is a new surf publication edited and published by two surf-addicted friends, Jeff Grimes and Evan apRoberts. The two met while playing shows in the West Coast underground music scene. Jeff began surfing in 1959, while Evan took it up in the late ‘80s. Two distinct eras in surf history, same salty affliction. Issue #1 of Addiction features interviews with Shea Weber and Nat Young, a very interesting article on the history of surfing in California, and a narrative that explores the modern skate culture. The new magazine also compares two distinctly different views on surfing Malibu these days, and introduces Frother, a new surf cartoon character somewhat reminiscent of Murphy and Wilbur Kookmeyer.





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Addiction also includes a ton of cool black & white and color photography and original art.  A little something for everyone!  It is 7.5” x 10” with high quality binding and full color printing on acid-free paper.  As the artist and cultural critic Dale Dreiling puts it, “Addiction is 126 beautiful pages on the living history of homegrown surf culture and its ever evolving relationship with art, rock ’n’ roll, nature, the drug war and personal free expression…”

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For more information or to order your copy of Addiction magazine, head over to  Or you can follow them on Instagram via @addictionsurfmag.  You can also email Jeff and Evan directly at

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