Roger Hinds’ surfboard shaping career has spanned four decades, including the multi-faceted evolution of the short board. From his early days of reshaping stripped-down long boards during the Transition Era to refining his skills under the tutelage of the likes of Ed Angulo, Jeff Edwards and Kent Smith, Roger has been successful in offering innovative designs for all types of surfers as the industry continues to evolve.

With the North Shore soul of the ‘70s, Roger worked with brands like Country Surfboards and Lightning Bolt and shaped for such notable Hinds team riders as Jock Sutherland, Mike Armstrong, and longboard World Champions Rusty Keaulana and Taylor Jensen.  Roger was also involved in production shaping for names like Blue Hawaii, Russ K, Harbour, Hobie and Weber, and was the head shaper for Bear USA. His eye for functional design and his keen attention to detail led to many of the most popular blanks offered by Clark Foam and US Blanks.

Roger’s reputation for maintaining impeccable quality is reflected in every surfboard he builds.  He won the Icons of Foam shape-off at the 2014 and 2015 Boardroom Shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in California.  The annual shape-off challenges a panel of shapers to duplicate notable surfboard designs from the past. The 2014 contest featured a Ben Aipa stinger design, while the 2015 shape-off highlighted a Rusty Preisendorfer shape.  At the 2015 Boardroom Show, Roger placed second in the Ultimate Craftsman Project, losing by just a tenth of a point to Gene Cooper.  The Ultimate Craftsman Project challenges four invited shapers to build a unique surfboard board from start to finish…a true test of elite design and production skill!