Tom Morey and Karl Pope first met in classes at the University of Southern California in the mid '50s. Tom graduated with a degree in Mathematics in 1958 and went to work for Douglas Aircraft. In 1964 he left corporate life to open Tom Morey Surfboards. In 1965 he invited Karl to join him and Morey-Pope Surfboards was founded.

Over the next five years Morey-Pope would prove to be a profoundly influential force in the surf industry. In addition to surfboard models like the Snub, Peck Penetrator, Blue Machine and Camel, they introduced products like Slipcheck and W.A.V.E. Set. Slipcheck was an aerosol alternative to surfboard wax. W.A.V.E. Set became the first commercially successful removable fin system.

In 1970 the partnership ended, but not until after the two college buddies had left a lasting impression on the sport. Surfer Magazine named Tom Morey one of the "25 Most Influential Surfers of the Century" in 1999, as he continued to innovate and bring out new products throughout the '70s like the Morey Boogie bodyboard.