In the year 1962, a 13-year old Jerry Grantham stood in front of his seventh grade class and announced that he was going to become a surfboard shaper when he got older. The response from his classmates was that of disbelief and laughter, unaware of Jerry's fierce determination. In 1969, Jerry began shaping, learning the trade from some of the Greats in the world of shaping, and traveling through California and the islands of Hawaii. With his hereditary skills and talents, he became a great shaper.

Jerry started a family in the small, beautiful town of Halcyon along the Central Coast of California. The town was inhabited by highly intelligent and gifted individuals involved in the sciences and historical evolution. As young man, Jerry was educated and guided by some wise mentors, one of which being a Harold Fergonsien. Harold helped Jerry design his J.G. logo using a combination of colors and shapes to represent the Brotherhood of all men and women. Jerry's logo is classic and recognized in various places around the world. Jerry now resides in Hawaii and is continuing to shape his surfboards. His logo is available on t-shirts and surfboards all throughout California and Hawaii.