Jay Stone opened Blue Cheer Surfboards in West Los Angeles in the late 60's. His shop served both surfers and skateboarders in the Santa Monica area, which was a hub for the skate scene for many years.  Stone's involvement in skateboarding was profound, introducing many innovative ideas in design and materials use.  Jay was behind the Super Surfer brand of skateboards as the second wave of skateboarding hit in the mid-'70s.

Jay Stone started Blue Cheer Surfboards in the late '60s, with Mike Perry doing the early shaping.  In 1973, Tim Phares became Blue Cheer's head shaper for the next seven years. During that time, Jay Stone had arranged for Tim to shape boards under contract for Ben Aipa. Tim also worked with as Clyde Beatty, Jr., Wayne Miyata, Bob Petty, Bob Espamer and Fred Stingle.

Jay Stone (l) with Gary Tachel and Tim Phares (r)