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dick brewer shaping surfboardsWe are so stoked to make Surfboards Hawaii apparel available to our Last Wave customers. As you may already know, it was Dick Brewer who started Surfboards Hawaii; 1961 was the year, and Haleiwa, Hawaii was the place.
Brewer was born in Minnesota in 1936, and moved to Long Beach, California at the age of 17. He shaped his first surfboard in 1959 and moved to Hawaii a year later. Then in 1964, in an effort to establish a mainland presence for his brand, he returned to California. Unfortunately, legal entanglements forced him out of the company, and Brewer lost the very brand he had created.
Dick Brewer will forever be known for his profound influence on surfboard design. He worked as a big wave design specialist for Hobie in 1965 (you may remember the Dick Brewer model), and for Bing Surfboards in 1967 (you may also remember the Pipeliner model). His impact on the ‘60s shortboard revolution was significant. Along with just a handful of others, Brewer also pioneered big wave surfing during the late ‘50s and into the ‘60s. In fact, he appeared in The Endless Summer, riding big Waimea Bay.
dick brewer surfing waimea baySurfing’s pioneers are known for their fearlessness and colorful personalities, and Dick Brewer – the man behind the Surfboards Hawaii brand - certainly fits that mold.
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